Features & Advantages

Key Features

Content repository

Thousands of learning objects, searchable encyclopedias and dictionaries locally available in the Classroom.

Content publishing

Teachers and administrators can easily upload and publish their own content.

Lesson planner

Plan & establish class workflow. Allows for best practices to be adopted across all schools.

C3 Cloud

Enables the centralized consolidation, management (add/delete/update) and distribution of digital content objects to the C3™ devices in the school, over the Internet.

Networking & security

Sophisticated networking capabilities including routing, Internet gateway, firewall and white-listing.


Significantly optimizes the use of internet bandwidth, improving the user experience.

Remote management

Administrators can remotely connect to a C3™ , for support and content management.

Third party applications

Additional third party applications can easily be installed in the C3™.

Looking for hardware details? Take a look here.

Value Added Features

Customized homepages per type of user, to ease the access to content resources
  • Dedicated, configurable home pages for guests, teachers, students and administrator
  • Direct links to content, lessons or external websites
  • No progamming required, menu driven from the admin portal
  • Page tiles with complete choice of colours and icons
  • Association of white list of allowed external URL's to each user profile
Centralized content hosting & management for all C3's
  • Hosted by Critical Links or hosted by the customer
  • Convenient, easy to use web-based interface
  • Create your own content packages and upload to the C3 Cloud content repository
  • Supports static websites, wikipedia content or moodle courses
  • Single point assignment of content packages to C3's in schools
  • Single point configuration, per C3, of bandwidth and schedule for synchronization
  • Monitor all your C3 school devices from the same location
With Moodle LMS
  • Preloaded on C3 device
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Course assignments and grading of students
  • Can load Moodle/SCORM courses from Content Cloud Service


The C3 integrated solution provides a number of advantages for the school and classroom, that truly makes it a one of a kind product.

  • Delivery of digital content NOW, without being dependent of Internet bandwidth and reliability.
  • Focus on ease of use for students and teachers
  • Server based solution, low cost per student , minimal incremental cost.
  • Lowers complexity and cost of user device(reduced need of “in-device” content).
  • Single point of content management, easily scales and optimizes deliveries to 1.000’s of schools
  • Extensive user interface customization and co-branding.
  • Lesson planning for multiple teachers – Curriculum delivery tools.
  • Language customizable.