How does it work?

The C3 integrated solution...

is designed to provide education cloud type services to a school, or classroom, with limited, unreliable or no Internet connection at all.

This is what we call the microCloud in the classroom!

Smart integration

In a nutshell, the C3 solution is the complete integration of a local or cloud-based content distribution service with a locally deployed device:

Content can be hosted and managed on the Content Cloud Service (C3 Cloud), then synced with the C3 appliance over the Internet
Teachers can locally upload their own content directly to the C3 appliance
Content is delivered without interruptions to the students.

The C3 Cloud

With C3 Cloud, you can easily build your own content selection and distribute it all over the world. It's as easy as:

  1. Acquire content (your original content, 3rd Party, static websites, e-books, etc)
  2. Package and upload it to the C3 Cloud via the Internet
  3. Assign your selection of content packages for each C3 device
  4. Let the C3 school devices sync with the C3 Cloud
  5. Change the content any time, anywhere, and just let it sync. No action needs to be taken at the school

C3 in the school

Every school is different, and the C3 usage model is easily adaptable to different infrastructure scenarios. From our experience, there are three typical modes of usage:

  • C3 as a Mobile Lab Server
  • C3 as a Classroom Server and WiFi Access Point
  • C3 as a School Server

Check out the details for each mode:

Use the C3 as a Content server and WiFi Access Point to Mobile Lab deployments. Take advantage of the C3 gateway capabilties to connect to the Internet.

  1. C3 is permanently installed in the Lab
  2. Students connect through the C3 built-in Wi-Fi Access Point
  3. Students browse content directly on the C3
  4. The C3 acts as the Lab WiFi network, enabling other applications, notably classroom management by the teacher.
  5. If Internet connection is available, the C3 acts as a gateway and C3 Cloud can be used to synchronize content.

The C3 is used as a classroom server, locally storing and presenting the content. Its content can be accessed by all students that are connected to its embedded WiFi Access Point.

  1. Each Classroom has its own C3 with integrated WiFi Access Point, creating the classroom network, enabling other applications, notably classroom management by the teacher.
  2. Students browse content directly on the C3.
  3. C3 also acts as Internet gateway for the classroom, enabling C3 Cloud to synchronize content.

School-wide deployments, integrated with existing wired and WiFi network infrastructure

  1. C3 is connected to the wired network in the school
  2. C3 connects to the Content Cloud service via the Internet, and updates content
  3. Students and teachers connect using the existent wired or wireless network
  4. Students browse content directly on the C3.
  5. C3 can also act as the Internet gateway for the School.


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